Master & PhD Scholarships, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, China

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science (hereinafter referred to as “SIAT”), offers 8 Master’s Degree programs and 2 PhD Degree programs to international students. The duration of a Master program is 2-3 years, and a PhD program 3-6 years.

A degree certificate and a graduation certificate will be awarded to those who have completed the prescribed courses and passed thesis / dissertation defense.

All the programs are offered in English.

Entry Requirements
Applicants to Master programs should:

  • have obtained a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, or an equivalent qualification; and
  • satisfy SIAT’s requirements on physical fitness for pursuing the postgraduate program.

Applicants to PhD degree programs should:

  • normally have obtained a master’s degree from a recognized institution, and
  • satisfy SIAT’s requirements on physical fitness for pursuing the postgraduate program.

Language Requirements:

  • Students enrolled at SIAT can choose to take all courses and conduct research activities in English only, or in Chinese (Mandarin). Knowledge of the Chinese language is not required. Applications with TOEFL or IELTS records (within two years from the examination date) are preferred.

List of Master and PhD Programs
Master’s Degree Programs:

  • physical chemistry,
  • biochemistry and molecular biology,
  • signal and information processing,
  • pattern recognition and intelligent system,
  • computer application technology,
  • materials engineering,
  • electrical and communication engineering,
  • control engineering,
  • computer technology,
  • biological engineering
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PhD Degree Programs:

  • pattern recognition and intelligent system,
  • computer application technology.

Application Documents

  1. The completed application form for Admission of International Students. The photo adhered on the application form must be identical with that on the passport.
  2. Personal statement. Applicants to PhD programs should also submit a research proposal.
  3. A certified or notarized copy of the degree certificate, a certified or notarized copy of the academic transcript, and an officially sealed original copy of the academic transcript. Notarized translations to English or to Chinese of the degree certificate and the academic transcript are also required, if they are in a language other than English and Chinese.
  4. Two recommendation letters from academics at the level of associate professor or above. The letter must indicate the referee’s phone number and email address.
  5. Copy of the page with personal information in the passport.

None of the above application documents will be returned.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Online application
All the applicants are required to submit their prepared materials listed above 1-2 in electronic format to [email protected], with a formatted title of “Name+Country+Program Code+Supervisor”. (e.g.”John+Thailand+0101+Prof. XYZ ”). The program codes can be found from section 3. List of Master and PhD Programs.

Step 2: Submission of Application Documents
The applicants are required to submit the original application documents listed above 1-5 to Graduated Students Office, SIAT, by express mail.

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Step 3: Review and Interview
The admission committee of SIAT will evaluate the application documents and shortlist applicants for further examination or interview. The shortlisted applicants will be notified.

Step 4: Admission
SIAT will admit applicants who pass examination or interview, and are approved by International Student Admission Committee. Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Study in China, and Form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners will be issued.

SIAT will provide a certain amount of scholarship to the admitted applicants to cover their living expenses.

  • PhD Candidate 3,800.00
  • Master Candidate 3,300.00
  • Undergraduate 2,300.00

The applicants may also apply for quarterly bonus scholarship with the recommendations from their supervisor for their excellent research work. But the number of recommended applicants is limited.

Application Schedule
Applications for the program can be made throughout the year.

Visa Application and Admission Registration
The admitted students should bring their passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW202/ JW201), and original Form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners as well as other original documents of physical examination to the Embassy or Consulate of the People’s Republic of China, and apply for student visa (X visa). Students shall come to Graduate Students Office for registration during the dates indicated on the Admission Notice. Students must use personal and ordinary passport and X visa, and must apply for Residence Permit within 30 days after arrival in China.

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Cost (in RMB Yuan)

  1. Application Fee: waived.
  2. Tuition Fee: waived.
  3. Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance: 44 RMB per month.
  4. Accommodation: 400 RMB/month·bed for double rooms in student dormitories.
  5. Lunch: 261 RMB per month in canteen.
  6. Transportation: SIAT will reimburse the single way transportation costs (NOT exceed 3000 RMB) when the admitted student come for registration. But they must provide original proof documents such as train or air tickets.

SIAT reserves the right to alter fees at any time without notice.

For more information, please visit Official Website.

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